About Us

My name’s Caroline and I am the sole owner of Happy Pets Boise. I will personally be taking care of your pet sitting, dog walking or house sitting needs.

I have owned animals for most of my life! After a long career as a registered nurse and patient educator/writer, I decided to focus on my true passion – caring for pets.

Growing up in Scotland, we had a number of rescued and wild animals being rehabilitated at our house, as well as our own dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, white rat, ferrets, guinea pigs, and even a blind squirrel.

I have 2 Boston Terriers, Sophie and Lilly who are great dogs and 2 of my best friends.

I moved to Boise in 2005 from Scotland with my husband Joe. I am used to rain, so I walk in all weathers, nothing stops you when you’re from Scotland, we have a saying there, “If you wait on the weather, you’ll be waiting a long time!” I’m an active person with a love of the outdoors.

I look forward to visiting your pet for playtime, or walking your dog around the Boise area, rain or shine.